House Rules

  • Quiet hours 10pm–8am on and around the property. This is important so you don’t disturb any of the neighbors.
  • No smoking inside tent. Smoke responsibly; soak your cigarette butts and put in trash.
  • Absolutely no pets inside tent or on tent deck.
  • Please be gentle on the tent zippers — open them as far as they go up/left/right before walking through or tying back the opening. Don’t force anything, please.
  • Please do not bring any of the bedding outside. You are welcome to use the black faux fur blankets outside if it’s chilly.
  • Please don’t apply bug spray or sun-screen spray while inside or near the tent.
  • If it rains, the host would be very happy if you would cover outside pillows and cushions (preferably before they get rained on). There are plastic sheets for this purpose.
  • Any time when leaving the site, make sure any fire in the fire-pit is out, candles and Tiki torches are out, electric fireplace and lights are off and the tent’s doors and windows are closed up to prevent rain and/or bugs from coming inside.
  • Wildlife may venture into the site, especially if you leave trash or food out. So don’t please. Tip; store your cooler in the Root-Cellar over night with the door closed.
  • Please use separate gate when coming/going (but not for horses — see below).
Dog/Equine rules:
  • Absolutely no pets inside tent or on tent deck.
  • Please use main gate when leading your horse to/from pen.
  • Keep horse(s) penned at all times while at the site.  
  • Your dog has to be leashed at all times.
  • If your horse whinnies or your dog barks excessively and you can’t make it stop you might be asked to leave as it will disturb our neighbors.
  • Do not leave your animal behind if you go out and explore. The host is not responsible for watching your animal.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up daily after your animal(s). Muck bucket available for horses. This includes the area by your trailer too. Thanks 😉
  • No horses in the camp site. Tack-up area is at the hitching post right outside the main gate or at your trailer.


Enjoy and RELAX!